CARL Trust Fund

The Florida Legislature is discussing the possibility of eliminating the Conservation and Recreation Lands Trust Fund in its deliberations to implement the 2014 Amendment 1 to the Florida Constitution that was designed to require continued funding for purchase of state lands and waters (including historic sites). The current push in the legislature seems to be directed toward purchase of new state lands and waters, and away from funding management and interpretation of these properties. The CARL funds currently pay for most of the programs in the Bureau of Archaeological Research including underwater and terrestrial archaeology programs, state lands survey, conservation labs, collections facility, and San Luis. The Museum of Florida History is also funded through CARL, as are other programs in a variety of state agencies. Compliance Review is funded from Federal sources, and is not threatened at this time.

The Florida Archaeological Council has sent a letter to Senator Charlie Dean, the Chair of the Florida Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee, regarding this issue. We encourage anyone interested in historic preservation to write to their legislators and express your concern that important programs focused on identification, management, and public interpretation of state historic and prehistoric sites are at risk.

FAC letter regarding the CARL Trust Fund

07. March 2015 by D Kloetzer
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